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Integrity Management

When you need to protect your pipeline assets, JRGO integrity management services work to minimize costly failure and downtime. 

Technical Services

NDT: Bellhole, Magnetic Particle Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Inspections and Documentation

DIMP/IMP Plan Review and Compliance

Construction Management


MAOP Determination

Project Development: Construction Feasibility, Technology Assessment

GIS Services

Alternative Analysis: Peer Review & Expert Testimony

Value Engineering

Distribution Structure Identification

Regulatory Consulting

ECDA/ICDA Methodologies

HCA/MCA Evaluation


Construction Services

Vacuum & Mechanical Excavation

Integrity and Anomaly Digs

Material Verification

AC/DC Mitigation Construction

Shorted Casing Remediation/Removal

Atmospheric Inspection & Rehabilitation of Pipeline & Coatings

In-Line Inspection Project Support& Wireless Services

Composite Pipeline Repair Solutions

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