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Cathodic Protection

Extending the life of your infrastructure assets is our ultimate goal at JRGO. We provide both technical and construction services all under one roof. Our NACE Certified Cathodic Protection – Corrosion Engineers provide detailed auditing, design, monitoring, and work closely with our construction teams during installation.

Technical Services

CP System Troubleshooting

Annual CP Test Point Survey

CP System Design

AC Mitigation Design

Close Interval Survey


Rectifier and Bond Monitoring; Remote Monitoring Unit Installation

Ground Bed Commissioning

Leak Patrols

Short Locating

Construction Services

AC/DC Mitigation Construction

Shorted Casing Remediation/Removal

Conventional & Deep Anode Bed Installation

Gas Distribution Keyhole Anode Installation

Vacuum & Mechanical Excavation

Atmospheric Inspection of Pipeline & Coatings

Pipeline Coating & Reconditioning

Test Station and Coupon Installation

Facility Maintenance

VCI Injection for AST & Casings

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